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60% of micropause® users experience a positive effect on their performance and concentration.
56% of micropause® users have less eye strain and irritation.
38% of micropause® users report less back and neck tension / pain.
33% of micropause®users feel less tired and experience fewer energy slumps.
42% of micropause® users experience a general improvement of their well-being.

What is micropause®?

The award-winning online service micropause® offers eye exercises, relaxation and coordination training as well as fast relief from headache, stress and exhaustion. Each working day, your employees invest 5 to 10 minutes in their health without having to leave their PC, thereby contributing to the health of the entire company.

micropause® stands for:

  • short
  • online on the screen
  • explained via video

Example exercises

  • «Smooth forehead»
    Place the tips of your fingers on the centre of your forehead. Gently and slowly run them from the centre to your temples. You may close your eyes. Repeat 8 times.
  • «The pencil»
    Hold a pencil at eye level, close to the nose. Focus on the pencil with your eyes. Now move your hand away from your nose until your arm is fully outstretched. Keep your focus on the tip of the pencil and slowly move your hand back and forth for about 25 seconds.
  • «Indian Goddess»
    Bend your arms at with your hands pointing upward, keeping the upper arms horizontal. Lower both arms by 180° and move them back up again. Do this 10 times and repeat with a countermovement of the arms.
  • «Hand between shoulders»
    Place one hand between your shoulders. Using your free hand, apply slight pressure on your elbow. Increase pressure after about 5 seconds. Repeat twice on each side.


  • «About one month before micropause®, my wrist was always making popping sounds, now that has stopped (I only did the hand and arm exercises).»
    Employee at the customer service centre BKW-FMB Energie AG
  • «I think the micropause® programme is a good idea because it really does bring relaxation during the day provided you do the exercises. It also calms you down when the heat is on.»
    Employee at a telecommunication call centre

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