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  • is active health promotion right where it can influence employees’ health
  • stands for cheap, effective and comprehensive WHP (workplace health promotion)
  • is real prevention of health risks associated with PC workplaces («mouse arm» / RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • has a positive effect on the motivation and commitment of its users – increase of work efficiency
  • when applied regularly, it can reduce absence
  • prevents «mouse arm» (RSI syndrome) and long-term damage
  • it meets the requirements of various Swiss and European directives regarding health protection at the workplace (e.g. EKAS 6508, 90/270/EEC)

legal basis & micropause®

Extract from Regulation 3 of the Swiss Labour Act (Health care, ArGV 3):

  • «The employer must take all necessary measures to protect health. In particular, he/she must make sure that: c. excessive or unbalanced stresses and strains are avoided.»
  • The programme can be included in the ASA enforcement (Guideline 6508 of the EKAS, the Swiss Co-ordination Commission for Safety in the Workplace). This applies particularly when work in the company mainly takes place at the computer.

Additionally, it corresponds exactly to the requirements of the following EG regulations:

  • EU Guideline 90/270/EEC "Minimum Safety and Health Requirements for Work with Display Screen Equipment", Article 7
  • Computer work V, Art. 5 of the Federal Ministry of Labour, FRG:

«The employer is obliged to organise the employee's duties so that computer work is regularly interspersed with breaks or other activities designed to minimise the negative effects of computer work.»

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